Two Misunderstandings About Dog Socialization

I’ve been a dog trainer for almost 20 years.  In that time, I’ve been thrilled to see a growth in the awareness of the need for dog socialization. Twenty years ago you rarely heard anyone talking about socialization. Now it’s heard fairly frequently.  This is great news because socialization, when it’s done right, can have a dramatic impact on a dog’s life.  But the key is…”when it’s done right.” There are two common misunderstandings about socialization that sometimes get in the way of doing it right.

Here is my puppy, Ranger, meeting firemen as part of his socialization scavenger hunt!

Three Steps to Housetraining Your Puppy

Do you know the number one concern of new dog owners? The one thing that worries most pet parents? The one issue that causes many to give up on their dog? House training. Not aggression. Not jumping. Not pulling on leash. The biggest question I get from new pet parents – regardless of the age of their dog – is how to teach their dog to go to the bathroom outside.

Raising Your Puppy

Puppies are the cutest, aren’t they? And that’s a good thing because they’re also a bit, um, challenging. I should know. I recently brought home a new puppy – an impossibly cute yellow Lab named Ranger – who is full of puppy kisses, adorable antics and a whole lot of mischief.